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Quick Download Guide

Note:you should be a registered user of Landmap in order to download spatial images through Kaia portal. You may ask to register if you are not register yet. We will send a confirmation email to you as part of the registration process. You will need to wait until receiving the confirmation email before you proceed to” Login”.

  1. Go to the Gazetteer Tab and type the postcode or nameof a placethat you are interested in
    • The result will be displayed at the bottom of the page. The Gazetteer searches anywhere in the world so make sure you select UK locations only from the results.
    • Click on the result, which is your interest area.
  2. Now go to the Search Tab. Select Any from the drop down Type and leave Keywords, Geometry and other fields as defaults.
    • To draw a box on the map, Click on the Create button and move the pointer on the map area.
    • You will see the pointer icon will change to “+”symbol then press and hold the left key on the mouse to draw a box on the area which you are interested in.
    • Then Click on the Search button located on the Search Tab at the left side of the Kaia interface window.
  3. All the images that are available in your interested area will appear in the result area. Please Note that the numbers of available images through the Kaia are shown at the top right corner of the results area. Results will be in multiple pages linked at the top middle of the results area.
  4. To download the data/images, please follow the instructions in the Kaia user manual.