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Support covers the following:

FAQ Providing answers to any general queries or problems that users have when accessing the service or downloading images support
Events Future and past events including attendees feedback and workshop presentations.
Publications Offers remote sensing papers, conference and forum presentations, and also posters and flyers.
Useful Links Discovering different kinds of GIS and Image Processing software, Radar, GPS and DEM data.
Glossary Offers an explanation about spatial science terminologies and provides details of books with further information.
Screencasts Provides video clips of step-by-step procedures for viewing and accessing data at Landmap

FAQ - End of service

The Landmap website was available until 31 July 2014 but unsupported as it is no longer funded by Jisc.

2) Where/when can I access the data which was provided by Kaia?

Currently these data are not accessible anywhere else. However the team have transferred all the data to NERC and are in the process of relicensing data so that NERC NEODC can provide the data via directory access. There is no current date available of when this work will be completed. Any updates will be provided on the Landmap homepage.

3) Is there any data that I can currently access from Landmap?

Yes. The following data can still be downloaded from this website until 31 July 2014 as they do not use the Kaia interface and can be downloaded using drop-down menus and your institutional login.

a) Building Heights

b) Building Blocks

c) Building Classes 100km x 100km tiles

d) Building Classes

e) Topsat

f) Mediterranean Landsat

g) ASAR Image Mode, Alternating Polarisation, Wide Swath and Multidifference Colour Composites.

4) Where else can I access Earth Observation data?


b) Global Land Cover Facility

c) Alaska Satellite Facility

d) ESA EarthOnline

e) Copernicus access

f) USGS/NASA Land Processes Distributed Active Archive Center

5) Why is there no helpdesk support?

The service is not funded anymore so the helpdesk can no longer operate. If you require help with geospatial datasets we advise to visit the Digimap Resources Centre.

6) I have tried registering for the service but did not receive the confirmation email, what should I do?

Normally this occurs if you have inputted your email into the registration form incorrectly. When the helpdesk was operational we would delete the incorrect email out of the database and ask you to re-register again. Unfortunately we are unable to do this. The only solution to offer is to use another email account ensuring this has been inputted correctly. You can register for Landmap using your institution email account or an external email account provider such as GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook etc.

7) Can I still use the Learning Zone training materials?

Yes. The Open Educational Resources will be available to use until 31 July 2014, these have been transferred to RSPSoc to be hosted within their Learning Zone but there is no date of when this is going to be completed and ready for launch.

The Protected Educational Resources will require you to register for the service first for you to gain access to them

The Spatial Science for Schools materials are open access and will be available to use until 31 July 2014.

All the Learning Zone materials provide sample datasets to use with the training course so the fact that Kaia is no longer available will not impact on you using the Learning Zone materials in the majority of courses.

Where can I access UKMap data?

Unfortunately UKMap was provided through Kaia and now this is no longer available, UKMap data is no longer accessible. There is still sample UKMap data available within the Introduction to UKMap Course in the Protected Educational Resources of the Learning Zone.


Over the past 11 years we have been delighted to be able to provide Landmap, a Jisc-funded service, to 139 institutions with a wide range of geospatial datasets and e-learning materials to support research and teaching. During this period we have been fortunate to receive funding for this service solely from Jisc, the independent education charity. However the harsh economic climate has forced Jisc to review the number of projects and services they are able to support on an ongoing basis. Unfortunately, Jisc were unable to continue to fund Landmap beyond December 2013. The Landmap team at Mimas would like to thank all our users, contributors and partners for making Landmap such as success over the years.