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Landmap Copyright Notices

1) Cities Revealed & UKMap Datasets

Datasets: LiDAR, Historic RAF and Luftwaffe Aerial Photography, Modern Aerial Photography, Building Heights, Building Class, Colour Infrared, UKMap

Supplier: Licensed by The GeoInformation Group, received and distributed by the Landmap Service of Mimas at The University of Manchester

Citation: Cities Revealed © The GeoInformation Group yyyy or UKMap © The GeoInformation Group yyyy

2) Landmap Derived Datasets

Datasets: Landsat 4/5, Landsat 7, SPOT, ERS 1, ERS 2, 25m DEM, ENVISAT ASAR and ALOS PALSAR

Supplier: Infoterra for optical data and European Space Agency for radar data. These data were orthorectified into British National Grid by the Landmap Project Team, University of Manchester, University College London, IS Ltd., and Phoenix Systems.

Citation: Copyright University of Manchester/University College London Year 2001

In Addition one of these copyright statements should be added to the above statement according to the dataset being used.

1. Original Landsat 4 &5 Landsat data © NOAA. Distributed by CHEST under licence from Infoterra International.

2. Original Landsat 7 Distributed by Infoterra International.

3. Original SPOT Panchromatic Data. Reproductions of extracts of the SPOT imagery for the purpose of illustrating a text, analysing the same or derivative products, printed in special scientific journals or reviews, research reports, minutes of symposia or conferences, are allowed provided that the following copyright notice is printed under the item reproduced in such a way that the CNES Copyright is plain to all readers: © CNES (year of reproduction of the data from the satellite), reproduced by................................................. under licence from SPOT IMAGE."

4. Original ERS data ERS data © ESA 1999/2000 (year of acquisition). Received and Distributed by QinetiQ under licence from the European Space Agency

For the ENVISAT ASAR and ALOS PALSAR data use the below copyright statement using the year the data was acquired.

© ESA 2004/2005/2006/2007/2008…. Received and Distributed by University of Manchester under licence from the European Space Agency.

3) Bluesky Datasets

Datasets: Colour Infrared Imagery (CIR) and 5m Digital Terrain Model, England and Wales (DTM)

Supplier: Licenced by Bluesky, received and distributed by the Landmap Service of Mimas at The University of Manchester

Citation: © GeoPerspectives supplied by Bluesky yyyy

4) GetMapping Dataset

Datasets: 2m Digital Surface Model (DSM) and 5m DTM (Scotland)

Supplier: Licenced by GetMapping, received and distributed by the Landmap Service of Mimas at The University of Manchester.

Citation: © GetMapping yyyy

5) DMC Dataset

Dataset: Disaster Monitoring Constellation 32m Multispectral

Supplier: Licenced by DMC International Imaging Ltd, received and distributed by the Landmap Service of Mimas at The University of Manchester. Orthorectification by IS Ltd.

Citation: © DMC International Imaging Ltd yyyy


Please see the Licensing web page to access the licensing agreements accepted by your institution for use of the Landmap, Infoterra, Cities Revealed and Bluesky datasets.


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