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Data available through the Landmap Service are licensed to The Univesity of Manchester. The University of Manchester has the legal right to Sub-licence these datasets to Higher Education (HE) or Further Education (FE) institutions.

Please only complete this form if you are authorised to undertake the contractual commitment on behalf of your Higher Education (HE) or Further Education (FE) institution and you have an authorisation code.

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The Landmap Service provides the following datasets:

1) Cities Revealed & UKMap Datasets

Datasets: LiDAR, Historic RAF and Luftwaffe Aerial Photography, Modern Aerial Photography, Building Heights, Building Class, Land-use, Colour Infrared, UKMap
Supplier: The GeoInformation Group Received and Distributed by University of Manchester
Citation: Cities Revealed © The GeoInformation Group yyyy or UKMap © The GeoInformation Group yyyy

Please read the UKMap End User License Agreement 2013 - PDF (93 Kb) Word (46 Kb)

2) Landmap Derived Datasets

Datasets: Landsat 4/5, Landsat 7, SPOT, ERS 1, ERS 2, 25m DEM, ENVISAT ASAR and ALOS PALSAR
Supplier: Infoterra for optical data and European Space Agency for radar data. These data were orthorectified into British National Grid by the Landmap Team
Citation: Copyright University of Manchester/University College London Year 2001

In Addition one of these copyright statements should be added to the above statement according to the dataset being used.

1. Original Landsat 4 &5 Landsat data © NOAA. Distributed by CHEST under licence from Infoterra International.

2. Original Landsat 7 Distributed by Infoterra International.

3. Original SPOT Panchromatic Data. Reproductions of extracts of the SPOT imagery for the purpose of illustrating a text, analysing the same or derivative products, printed in special scientific journals or reviews, research reports, minutes of symposia or conferences, are allowed provided that the following copyright notice is printed under the item reproduced in such a way that the CNES Copyright is plain to all readers: © CNES (year of reproduction of the data from the satellite), reproduced by................................................. under licence from SPOT IMAGE."

4. Original ERS data ERS data © ESA 1999/2000 (year of acquisition). Received and Distributed by QinetiQ under licence from the European Space Agency

For the ENVISAT ASAR and ALOS PALSAR data use the below copyright statement using the year the data was acquired.
© ESA 2004/2005/2006/2007/2008…. Received and Distributed by University of Manchester under licence from the European Space Agency.

3) Bluesky Datasets

Datasets: Colour Infrared Imagery (CIR) and 5m Digital Terrain Model (DTM)
Supplier: Bluesky
Citation: © GeoPerspectives supplied by Bluesky yyyy

4) GetMapping Dataset

Datasets: 2m Digital Surface Model (DSM); 5m DTM and CIR for areas of the UK
Supplier: GetMapping
Citation: © GetMapping yyyy

5) DMC Dataset

Dataset: Disaster Monitoring Constellation 32m Multispectral for the British Isles
Supplier: DMC International Imaging Ltd
Citation: © DMC International Imaging Ltd yyyy

6) RapidEye Dataset

Dataset: RapidEyes’s Ortho Product (Level 3A) Blue, Green, Red, Red-Edge & NIR for Northern Ireland.
Supplier: RapidEye
Citation: © RapidEye yyyy

Landmap Service Sub-licensing Agreement - Revised 02/04/12

Please download, read and keep the Landmap Service Sub-licensing Agreement before agreeing to the statement below.

Download Landmap Service Sub-licensing Agreement - PDF (129 Kb) Word (49 Kb)

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Please provide details of two contact persons for support and communications regarding the administration of the agreement

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Access arrangements:

The Landmap Service is only available by Federated Access. For further details please visit the Mimas Support website

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Note: the Landmap Service is free but these details might be required to validate the licence

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Section 4

University of Manchester Sub-licence Data Protection Act Statement

The Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) is a strategic advisory committee working on behalf of the funding bodies for further and higher education (FE and HE) in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. JISC funds the Landmap Service of The University of Manchester to purchase Landmap datasets. The University of Manchester is the license holder of these datasets and has the legal capacity to sub-licence these datasets to other academic institutions.

In line with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998, JISC The University of Manchester will use the information you have provided on this sub-licence agreement for the administration of your subscription to this online resource. In order to do this it will be necessary for the Landmap Service to transfer the information you have provided to third parties who are involved in the administration of your subscription, namely:


  • the publishers of the content;
  • the service providers, who will provide access to the online resource;
  • the invoicing agent who will raise the invoice for your subscription;
  • JISC, JISC collections and other JISC entities.


From time to time the Landmap Service will use this information to contact the people whose details are included on this form with information about new online resources from the Landmap Service and changes to the sub-licence terms and conditions.

From time to time the Landmap Service would also like to use this information to contact the people whose details are included on this form with information about new online resources from the Landmap Service, forthcoming events or publications which may be of interest to them.



Note: any changes to these contact details must be notified to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Submit your agreement to the sub-licence using the appropriate button below (Reset will allow you clear the form and start again). By submitting this form you are agreeing to the terms and conditions displayed above. You must be authorised to commit your institution to the agreements selected and have an authorisation code, obtainable from the Landmap Service helpdesk.

The University may revise these terms of use at any time by amending this page. Users are expected to check this page from time to time to take notice of any changes made, as they are binding. Some of the provisions contained in these terms of use may also be superseded by provisions or notices published elsewhere on the Landmap website.