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Institutions Licensed

How does an institution join Federated Access and what is User Accountability?

Details about joining the UK Access Management Federation for Education and Research can be found on the JISC website and Mimas provides links to further details about User Accountability.

Who completes the licensing agreement?

The allocated licensing contact for your institution must complete the licensing form to enable members of your institution to have access to all Landmap data collections. The licensing contact will have received an authorisation code from JISC Collections to complete the registration process.If you are the licensing contact and have not received the authorisation code please request this through our helpdesk

Is my institution licensed?

The map below shows all institutions currently licensed to use the Optical & Thermal, Radar, Elevation, Feature and UKMap Collections as at 16 November 2012.

The list below the map is updated daily so if your institution has recently become licensed please check this first.

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List of institutions licensed (updated daily)