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Benefits of Landmap

Five main benefits for your institution to sign up to the Landmap Service which is a free service.

1) A wide range of satellite and spatial data of a high quality and excellent positional accuracy

  • Excellent for research purposes and saves time on pre-processing steps
  • Pre-processing carried out by the team is detailed in the processing pages for each individual Dataset on the website and also supplied during download in an XML metadata file.
  • The Landmap data archive consists of Optical & Thermal, Radar, Elevation and Feature data collections.

2) Interoperable by making datasets available via Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards WMS, WCS, WFS & GML

  • Enable integration of data with other datasets e.g. Ordnance Survey supplied by EDINA
  • Provide raster imagery directly to a desktop GIS/Image Processing software enabling greater ease of use for classroom teaching.

3) The Learning Zone offers online courses to the geospatial community, developed to enhance spatial data knowledge for research and teaching

  • Airborne Imaging: Modern Aerial Photography for ArcGIS; Modern Aerial Photography for CR Viewer; Historic Aerial Photography
  • Applying Heights: 3D Modelling with Google Sketchup; LiDAR Imaging
  • UKMap and Landuse: Introduction to UKMap; Landuse Mapping Course
  • Image Processing: ENVI; IDRISI; PCI; ERDAS Imagine v.9; ERDAS Imagine 2010
  • Radar Imaging: Radar Imaging
  • Classification Methods: Object Oriented Classification
  • Scripting: Python Scripting for ArcGIS

4) Provides a consistent coverage of radar data for the whole of the UK which is excellent for any applications requiring a high temporal coverage of data.

5) Provides high quality layered data for the main conurbations  throughout the UK with the acquisition of the Cities Revealed & UKMap datasets from The GeoInformation Group. Data includes:

  • Modern Aerial Photography from 1999 - 2007
  • Historic Aerial Photography from 1930 - 1952 sources include R.A.F., U.S.A.F. and Luftwaffe
  • LiDAR (1m - 2m resolution)
  • Land Use (52 catogories database)
  • Building Class
  • Building Heights (3 individual heigh values for each building block)
  • UKMap (seven detailed layers of points, polygons & raster data for London only)