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Landmap Usability Project


The purpose of the usability testing of Landmap, undertaken by the Centre for Research in Libraries, Information and Media (CeRLIM), was to explore user behaviour and user preferences of:

  • Registration
  • The Learning Zone



The usability testing was undertaken using a computer laboratory of the Department of Information and Communication, MMU, to observe a number participants as they were asked to complete tasks designed to systematically test the Learning Zone features and functionality. The tasks were developed in conjunction with Landmap staff to ensure that these mirror the issues that Landmap wished to investigate.

Who Participated?

Testing was undertaken by 17 participants, who responded to an open invitation to participate in the user testing. No pre-conditions were placed on acceptance of individuals. Once an individual was accepted, they were asked to Register with the Landmap Service and complete a short online questionnaire about the experience of the Registration process (this questionnaire was also available to other Landmap users, the results of which are also reported in this report).

Techniques Applied


CERLIM’s usability testing of Landmap used a mixture of:

  • Tasks
  • Observed user testing
  • Focus groups

Tasks were created to ensure that users encountered and used features of the Learning Zone, thereby ensuring that their responses could be collected and analysed to provide an evidence-base for the recommendation for improved usability and functionality.


Download the CeRLIM Report providing the full results of the Usability Study - PDF (4.43 MB)