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Data Model

The ISO 19115/19139 geospatial metadata records are represented in XML and to publish metadata in the Semantic Web requires mapping from the metadata schema to the RDF data model.

There has been an exchange of ideas to create a Landmap data model diagram and carry out the crosswalks.

UML Diagram for ISO 19115 Metadata


The above figure provides the high level UML representation of Landmap geospatial metadata currently in XML.

Source: The OpenGIS™ Abstract Specification Topic 11: OpenGIS(tm) Metadata (ISO/TC 211 DIS 19115) Version 5, p.19.
A copy of the original document can be downloaded from the Resources page.

Brainstorming Relationships for the Data Model

A session was conducted which allowed Landmap staff to brainstorm ideas to help facilitate the creation of a Landmap data model. The below figure shows the flipchart produced as an output of the session.


The vocabularies selected use the standard OWL available for the ISO 19115 metadata standard. The three main vocabularies used are:

  • Dublin Core Terms (dct/dcterms)
  • Data Catalog (dcat)
  • Friend-Of-A-Friend (foaf)