A range of courses are available to explore natural hazards and the formation of coal. Satellite images, photographs and maps are used to help you further explore the course topic area.

Courses Available

Images to Maps [Age 9-12], Haiti [Age 9-14], Oasis [Age 12-16], Tsunami [Age 12-14], Brown Coal [Age 16-18], Floods [Age 12-14 & 14-16].

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Explore the world of bird life, forest fires and vegetation.

Courses Available

The Lesser Spotted Eagle - Up, Up and Away! [Age 9-12], Traces of Fire [Age 16-18].

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Course Available

Pixel off the right path [Age 12-14]

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Courses Available

Tracing the invisible [Age 12-15]
Atmospheric Circulation [Age 16-18]

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Course Available

Contrast [Age 13-17]

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Spatial Science for Schools

Provides e-learning materials for schools to support the use of remotely sensed data in core subject areas such as Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Geomatics and Geography. The aim is to inspire pupils interest in the natural sciences and engineering with fascinating satellite images used as a tool to bring factual information to life.


19 - 22 March 2013: The Landmap service are participating in the National Science and Engineering Fair at The University of Manchester. Activities for the children include: Spot the Difference & UKMap Augmented Reality App.


Use Case

As part of the Tracing the Invisible activity, Dominic Taylor from the Landmap team describes to school children how a satellite image is acquired at the National Science and Engineering Fair, The University of Manchester.


The e-learning content has kindly been supplied through The FIS-project.