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Learning Zone

Quality courses and tutorials developed by commercial companies and members of the academic community. Developed to enhance knowledge of spatial data, facilitating applications for research and to support teaching and learning.

The courses for HE and FE are broken down into discrete units, with units being constucted by several topics. Units contain exercises and reflective questions to test ability and understanding.

How to Access Learning Materials

The Learning Zone can be accessed from the prospective of a Student/Researcher through the Open Educational Resources(open to all) and Protected Educational Resources (UK academic registered users) or from the prospective of a Teacher/Lecturer through the Course Planner.

GeoKnowledge Blog

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Open Educational Resources

  • Learn how to use radar data by taking a course in Radar Imaging
  • Stuck on how to use some of the leading image processing software? Visit our courses using ENVI, Erdas, PCI, Definiens, Idrisi and GRASS GIS
  • Test your abilities with our quizzes and challenges

Spatial Science for Schools


  • Provides 12 tutorials covering a wide range of topics such as fires, tsunamis and floods
  • Explore spatial data inside Google Earth covering the Haiti Earthquake and migration patterns of the Lesser Spotted Eagle
  • Have fun running interactive programs of case studies from around the world

Protected Educational Resources

  • Learn about Modern and Historic Aerial Photography
  • Use sample datasets and course manuals to expand your knowledge on 3D modelling and UKMap data
  • Test your abilities with our step by step exercises



The ELOGeo project is a JISC-funded project based at the Centre for Geospatial Science, the University of Nottingham in partnership with the Mimas Centre of Excellence at the University of Manchester.