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Interactive Mapping

Landmap Image Streaming Service

Provides real time zoom and roam capabilities to explore satellite imagery available at the Landmap Service.

The imagery is streamed using ER Mapper's Image Web Server technology.

The kind of data we have available to view is ASAR Image Mode, ASAR Alternating Polarisation, ASAR Wide Swath, Landsat 5, Landsat 7, Landsat Mosaics (variety of band combinations) and Spot.

Before entering the viewers please read the viewer requirements.

Please click on the below links to go to either the UK or Ireland Interactive Maps.

Enter Image Streaming Viewer - UK

Enter Image Streaming Viewer - Ireland

Cities Revealed Viewer

The viewer contains aerial photography for the main conurbations throughout the UK. The data is originally from The GeoInformation Group and will be available for download in Summer 2008.

Enter Image Streaming Viewer - Cities Revealed

Morecambe Bay

The viewer contains imagery from the Morecambe Bay Project being carried out currently

Enter Image Streaming Viewer - Morecambe Bay

Download Morecambe Bay.kmz 2.0Kb

TopSat KMZ

Download and open the below KMZ in Google Earth to view the TopSat data ordered by the Landmap team on behalf of UK institutions for a variety of projects. If any of this imagery would be of interest to you for research or teaching please see the TopSat section of this site.

Download the Google Earth 3D Viewer

Download TopSat.kmz 3.30Kb