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A full training support is available in Landmap Learning Zone for the registered Landmap Users. The two main courses available under the category of UKMap and Landuse in the Course Map in Learning Zone.

1. Landuse Mapping Course : - This course gives you an understanding of land use mapping will help you to have the knowledge of how UKMap data was created and how it could be used.

2. Introduction to UKMap : - This course will provide practical examples of how to download UKMap from Landmap Kaia and then how to use UKMap in two different software packages:

  • ArcGIS
  • Quantum GIS

The Landuse Mapping Course provides an insight into the NLUD Classification process which is compiled in the UKMap base map. If you are new to land use mapping, it is recommended that you complete the Landuse Mapping Course before the Introduction to UKMap Course.