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Processing - UKMap

The compilation process of the UKMap datasets is given step-by-step below.

1. Firstly, aerial photographs of 12.5cm resolution are orthorectified using GPS and a very detailed terrain model which is derived from LiDAR.

2. Feature digitisation is done using orthorectified aerial photographss which shows actual absolute positional accuracies compared to independent GPS points of 0.7m RMSE. The features include fences, buildings, road markings, trees, bridges etc.

3. These digitised maps are then sent out to field surveyors, who then perform resource inventory to collect all the information to add in the map such as house numbers, street names, shop names, locality information, office names, etc.

4. Then all this data compiled into the UKMap database is made available for academic users in a single dataset via Landmap Kaia Portal.