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Key Facts - UKMap


Coverage of the UKMap datasets (red region) in the Landmap resources

UKMap is currently only available for London : -

Provides 7 data layers within a single product that is free from Ordnance Survey copyright. The 7 data layers are -

    • Base layer (topographic map),
    • Overlay map (vector map),
    • Points layer,
    • Addresses data,
    • Points of Interest attribute data,
    • Heights data, and
    • Ortho aerial photography layer
    1. Data collected by dedicated teams of field surveyors walking every street, park, industrial estate, etc.
    2. Training course is also available designed by Training4GIS, a division of the Geoinformation Group.
    3. Offer a wide range of applications, including Property Management, Urban design, CCTV location planning, Safe routes to schools, Highway management, Flood modelling, Retail analysis, Open space mapping, Health monitoring, Land use studies, etc.
    4. The FAQ page of UKMap website is a useful place to find out the general information about the UKMap such as, source, data creation methods, copyright, etc.
    5. The UKMap data is updated every 6 months and currently Landmap provides Edition 9 and Edition 10 of the data.