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Download - TopSat

The Landmap team ordered a variety of data from TopSat during the acquisition period (November 2007 - August 2009). To view this data please download the Google Earth viewer and open the below TopSat KMZ file.

Please note TopSat tasking is no longer available after QinetiQ decided to end tasking on 18 August 2009.

Step 1

Browse the TopSat Imagery in Google Earth

Download the Google Earth 3D Viewer.

Download TopSat.kmz 4.21Kb.

Please Note: For Firefox browsers go to the Tools menu and select Options, within the Private data panel select the Settings button and select the 'Offline Website Data' and 'Cache' checkboxes then select Ok and Ok again. You are now ready to download the most up-to-date TopSat KMZ file.


Step 2

Select the order number of interest in Google Earth


Step 3

Download the image using the form below by order number

The licensing terms of the TopSat data acquisition are the same as the Infoterra licensing agreement.

Order to download

Order format
Panchromatic JPG and 2.9m 17 x 17km panchromatic Tiff
Multispectral JPG and 5.7m 18 x 12km multispectral Tiff

Further Information

  • Each download is compressed and varies in size.
  • For the downloaded .tar.gz file, first decompress to produce .tar file then unzip the .tar file to produce final images and any associated files.
  • Each panchromatic Tiff is about 70MB uncompressed.
  • Each multispectral Tiff is about 35MB uncompressed.
  • Each JPG is typically less than 10MB.
  • There may be multiple images per order.