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Key Facts - Thermal data


Figure 1 : - Coverage of the Thermal dataset available (red region) in the Landmap resources


1. Integrated with building outline database to ensure that each building in the map has been assigned a heat loss value which follows the five level classification system.

2. The integration with the Land Use, Building Class and Building Heights data allows more comprehensive understanding of the world.

3. Thermal measurement accuracy of 0.018°C; measure heat loss differences of less than 1°C

3. Makes easy to monitor and compare heat loss from properties and associate heat loss with specific addresses.

4. No additional training requirement and no lengthy GIS integration process necessary.

5. Geographically enabled and available in major GIS formats


  • Building heat loss measurement
  • Strategic climate change planning
  • Monitor heat loss in accordance with the Home Energy Conservation Act 1995 (HECA)
  • Monitoring industrial heat loss to improve energy reduction programmes in support of carbon offset initiatives.
  • Community energy target setting
  • Sustainable community initiatives
  • Planning sub-surface heating systems
  • Pipe line heat loss analysis
  • Building maintenance and upgrade programmes