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The SPOT satellite Earth Observation System was designed by the Centre National d'Etudes Spatiales (CNES), in France, and developed with the participation of Sweden and Belgium. The first SPOT satellite was launched in February, 1986. Since then, the launch pad Ariane, located in French Guiana, has put three more SPOT satellites into orbit to keep the SPOT system operational for nearly fifteen years. The SPOT archive at the Landmap Service, is composed of 152 panchromatic images of 10m resolution covering the whole of the British Isles from the early 1990s.

Medium resolution SPOT data can be used for a range of regional applications including land cover assessment and monitoring of vegetation.

Step 1

Decide the Path and Row of the imagery you require for SPOT

Please note that in the diagram below the first two numbers are the path and the last three numbers are the row. These numbers correspond with the drop down menu in Step 3.


Step 2

Use the form below to select data and format. Use the Path and Row information obtained from the above map. Each tile is 60 x 60 km.


Tile to download


Tile format
10m Panchromatic Geotiff (9 to 26MB)
10m Panchromatic ECW (0.2 to 2.6MB)
10m Stretched Panchromatic Geotiff (9 to 26MB) (better for Graphics)
10m Stretched Panchromatic ECW (0.2 to 2.6MB) (better for Graphics)