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Mediterranean Landsat

The Landsat data provided on this page was purchased by a consortium of higher education institutions, from both the UK and Europe, for use by the general academic community. Contributing Institutions

The data below is:
Cyprus - Path 176 row 036. Collected 06/07/2000 (Donated by the Uni. of Hertfordshire)
East Spain - Path 199 row 034. Collected 08/08/2000 (Group purchase)
West Spain - Path 200 row 034. Collected 15/08/2000 (Group purchase)

Step 1. Choose the tile you want to download.

Cyprus East Spain West Spain
Band123 JPG [5MB] Band123 JPG [10MB] Band123 JPG [10MB]
Band 123 TIF [150MB] Band 123 TIF [150MB] Band 123 TIF [150MB]
Band 1 Band 1 Band 1
Band 2 Band 2 Band 2
Band 3 Band 3 Band 3
Band 4 Band 4 Band 4
Band 5 Band 5 Band 5
Band 6a Band 6a Band 6a
Band 6b Band 6b Band 6b
Band 7 Band 7 Band 7
Band 8 Pan Band 8 Pan Band 8 Pan

Step 2. Submit your request

Note: click on save as when the dialogue appears.

Recent changes in Landsat data copyright mean this data is supplied copyright free. All Landsat 7 data already purchased from a supplier is also free from copyright restrictions. This data is being made available to other Universities under the following provisions UNITED STATES CODE TITLE 15 CHAPTER 82 - LAND REMOTE SENSING POLICY.

We would appreciate an acknowledgment of the data source in any publication which results from work done on these images, other than that, please feel free to use the data as you see fit. Any institution willing to donate other L7 data to the general community is encouraged to do so. Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information, or you can post the CDs to the address on the contact page.

Here is another download facility of this data which contain additional data. Though, it is restricted to Landmap Licensed institutions!