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Download - Mediterranean Landsat

The first set of Landsat data provided on this page was purchased by a consortium of higher education institutions, from both the UK and Europe, for use by the general academic community.

The data available here has been expanded from the Mediterranean data download page through a donation from Edge Hill College. In addition some data has been downloaded from the Global Land Cover Facility (GLCF), through their data download facility Earth Science Data Interface.



Cyprus - Path 176 Row 36. Collected 04/08/1990 (Downloaded from GLCF, Landsat 5)
Cyprus - Path 176 Row 36. Collected 06/07/2000 (Donated by the Uni. of Hertfordshire) East Spain - Path 199 Row 34. Collected 26/06/1987 (Downloaded from GLCF, Landsat 5)

East Spain - Path 199 Row 34. Collected 20/04/1992 (Downloaded from GLCF, Landsat 5)
East Spain - Path 199 Row 34. Collected 29/01/2000 (Donated by Edge Hill College)
East Spain - Path 199 Row 34. Collected 08/08/2000 (Group purchase)

West Spain - Path 200 Row 34. Collected 15/08/2000 (Group purchase)

Select the tile and format you want to download from the form below:

Tile to download
(Date format yyyymmdd)

Tile format
15m Panchromatic GeoTiff (~100Mb) (No panchromatic data from Landsat5)
25m Bands 321 GeoTiff (~100Mb)
Bands 123457 Erdas/Imagine (.img) file (~170Mb)
Thermal band 1 GeoTiff (~10Mb) (Landsat 7 only)
Thermal band 2 GeoTiff (~10Mb) (Landsat 7 only)
Thermal band GeoTiff (Landsat 5only)

Note that the above data is zipped. It will inflate to approximately three times the download size.

Recent changes in Landsat data copyright mean this data is supplied copyright free. All Landsat 7 data already purchased from a supplier is also free from copyright restrictions. This data is being made available to other Universities under the following provisions UNITED STATES CODE TITLE 15 CHAPTER 82 - LAND REMOTE SENSING POLICY.

We would appreciate an acknowledgment of the data source in any publication which results from work done on these images, other than that, please feel free to use the data as you see fit.

Any institution willing to donate other L7 data to the general community is encouraged to do so. Please contact the helpdesk for further information or you can post the CDs to the Landmap Service.