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Key Facts - Landsat 7

  • Landsat Program is one of the longest running programmes for image acquisition from space.
  • First launched in 1972 the program is managed between the U.S. Geological Survey and NASA.
  • Seven satellites have so far been launched, the most recent being Landsat 7, on April 15, 1999.
  • All the images are transmitted through Landsat receiving stations around the world, and archived at central locations within the United States.
  • Landsat satellite imagery offers a unique resource for global change research and applications in agriculture, geology, forestry, regional planning, education, and national security.
  • The FAQ section of the Landsat Program website is a useful place to find out general information, global data coverage, image processing etc.

Landsat 7 Coverage

Figure 1 : - Coverage of the Landsat datasets available (red region) in the Landmap Resources