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Download - Landsat 4/5

Landsat 4/5 uses the Thematic Mapper (TM) which is a high-resolution multi-spectral scanning instrument. The data consists of 25m resolution including:

  • Band 3 which is designed for detecting chlorophyll absorption in vegetation
  • Band 2 that can detect green reflectance from healthy vegetation
  • Band 1 can penetrate water for bathymetric mapping along coastal areas

Step 1

Decide the Path and Row of the imagery you require for Landsat 4/5


Step 2

Use the form below to select data and format. Use the Path and Row information obtained from the above map. Each tile is 185 x 185 km

Tile to download

Tile format
25m Bands 321 GeoTiff better for Image Processing (~100Mb)
25m Bands 321 GeoTiff Stretched better for Graphics (~100Mb)
25m Bands 321 JPG Stretched better for Graphics (~10Mb)
25m Bands 123457 Imagine format (~225Mb)