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Elevation Collection

To download data from the Elevation Collection you will need your username and password allocated by your institution to authenticate. Unless indicated otherwise please download data from the Landmap Kaia Portal



Building Heights Height information derived from the Cities Revealed LiDAR surveys, high-resolution aerial photography and other height data sources.

Download using Datasets


1m LiDAR Light Detection and Ranging Data (LiDAR) provides high resolution elevation (DTM) and land cover data (DSM).


5m DTM

5m Bluesky DTM Provides a high resolution elevation (DTM) for England and Wales only in Erdas Imagine format.

Landmap DTM

25m Landmap DTM The Landmap Digital Terrain Model (DTM) was produced using interferometric techniques with the ERS 1 & ERS 2 data held in the Landmap Data Archive with a 25m resolution.


75m SRTM The Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) data has been orthorectified into British National Grid and has a 75m resolution.


KGPS Survey The Kinematic Global Positioning System (KGPS) data provide accurate high-resolution locational data of 6,400 km of roads in the British Isles.