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Covergae of the DMC datasets available in tiles (marked with the red boxes) in the Landmap resources

The Disaster Management Constellation (DMC) programme

The DMC is a constellation of small satellites that was formed by national governments and organisations for coordinating satellite imaging campaigns to assess and mitigate natural disasters with more up to date and timely. The DMC programme started by launching Algeria's satellite "AlSat-1" in the year 2002. This first satellite was soon joined by the satellites of British National Space Centre, Nigeria and Turkey forming the four satellite constellation. Further China and Spain also became a part of DMC mission. Table 1 shows the DMC satellites and partner organisations.


Table 1 -: DMC satellite and affiliated organisations

American Landsat programme was the only main source for satellite images until 2003, but the satellites launched by Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) Surrey, UK, as a part of DMC programme, provided cost-effective remote sensing capability.

As compared to Landsat series, the DMC satellite has an advantage of quicker revisit to any point of interest (1 visit per day) as compared to Landsat (1 visit per 16 days). Therefore DMC programme came into play in co-ordinating disaster response and getting imagery at Landsat comparable resolution.

Applications - : DMC data is useful for a wide range of applications as it has well-calibrated spectral information, wide swath and rapid revisit capability.

These dataset help in

Agricultural monitoring

Land cover mapping

Fire and burn scar mapping

Flood monitoring


For further information please visit the DMCii website.