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Key Facts - CIR

  • Colour Infrared Imagery (CIR) is created through the use of Digital Cameras.
  • All the CIR in the Landmap archive are sourced from BlueSky.
  • True colour Aerial Photography are usually created through the collection of the sun reflections in the Red Green and Blue Bands of the Electro Magnetic Spectrum. In the case of Colour Infrared the Blue Band is replaced with the reflections of the sun rays in the Near Infrared of the Electromagnetic Spectrum.
  • Plants reflect light in different ways. Green is reflected at the top of the leaf, hence we see most plants as green. However the NIR rays are reflected at the bottom of the leaf. We can not disceren NIR by our Naked Eye, so it has no contribution to our perception of the colour of plants. The fact that NIR is reflected after it has penetrated leaves, allows us to study health and variation of plant life around us, which is why it is of interest to people who study the enviroment and those who are interested in mapping tha variety of plants and plant health.