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Download - Building Heights

Extend your Buildings Up

Building Heights is a value-added, height attribute database that could be integrated with Ordnance Survey MasterMap and other building outline datasets. The height information is derived principally from the Cities Revealed LiDAR or Modern aerial imagery.

Building Heights provides comprehensive height information for individual building blocks. The data is supplied as three values for each building block:

  • base of building above sea level
  • top of the building above sea level
  • height of building above local ground level

Accurate to + / - 0.5m with 95% confidence limits*


Image above: shows the coverage of Building Heights data across the UK in red/pink.


Download the Shape file for the required area using the form below

The licensing terms of the Building Heights are the same as the Cities Revealed licensing agreement.


Further Information

  • Each download is compressed and varies in size.
  • For the downloaded .tar.gz file, first decompress to produce .tar file then unzip the .tar file to produce Shape Files and any associated files.
  • This Download was created to provide fast access to this data. At some stage this download facility will be moved to Landmap Kaia.

* Accuracy levels vary across external height data sources