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Database Content

A Cities Revealed Building Class dataset is a classification of the main residential buildings only grouped by their age and building type.

Residential buildings are defined as those with a land use code of 9.1 from the National Land Use Database Specification (NLUD) version 3.3, which is the basis of the Cities Revealed Land Use data.

Database Classification

There are 9 Age categories and 19 Type categories. Not all the Age/Type combinations are used, for example there are no Early and Middle Victorian very tall flats (point blocks) in the current edition of the classification (Version 6 September 2012).

The current database for the UK does not contain Age categories 1 and 2 and only one type for Age 8. Also the type categories of Medium Height flats 5-6 storeys (3), Tall Terraces 3-4 storeys (5) and Very Large Detached Houses, Sometimes converted to flats (15) have been removed. These are all indicated by the DNU label in the classification sheet.

Further details can be found about the building class classification by downloading the Building Class Reference Sheet PDF(25 KB) and reading the Building Class Notes PDF(85 KB).


Download the Shapefiles for the required area using the reference map and the drop-down menu below

The licensing terms of the Building Classes are the same as the Cities Revealed licensing agreement specified by The GeoInformation Group.

UKMap Reference Map

Further Information

  • Each download is compressed and varies in size (.tar)
  • This download has been provided for fast access to the data and cannot be previewed before download
  • Please note some tiles will only provide an outline of where buildings are located and may not necessarily contain classification information about the age and type of the buildings; this may apply to part or all of the 100 km x 100 km tile.
  • View downloaded data in a GIS or Image Processing software