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Explore Building Classes for Some of the Major Urban Areas in the UK

The Building Class data provides detailed information about residential housing types including the house age and structural type. This information can be used for urban regeneration studies, crime monitoring, urban flooding and urban gardens.


The below classifications can be found in the attribute table of the shapefiles available for download below.



1. Historic to end Georgian - 1837 1. Very Tall Flats (point blocks) 9. Planned balanced-mixed estates
2. Early and Middle Victorian 1837 - 1870 2. Tall flats 6 - 15 storeys (slabs) 10. Standard size semis
3. Late Victorian/Edwardian 1870 - 1914 3. Medium height flats 5 - 6 storeys 11. Semi type house in multiples of 4,6,8 etc
4. World War I - World War II 1914 - 1945 4. Lower 3 - 4 storey and smaller flats, detached and linked 12. Large property semis
5. Post war regeneration 1945 - 1964 5. Tall terraces 3 - 4 storeys 13. Smaller detached houses
6. Sixties/seventies 1964 - 1979 6. Low terraces, 2 storeys with large T-rear extension 14. Large detached houses
7. Recent years 1979 - photo date 7. Low terraces, small 15. Very large detached houses, sometimes now flats
8. Linked and step linked houses, 2 - 3 or mixed 2 and 3 storeys 16. Bungalows, both detached and semi detached
17. Single storey small houses

The Building type and age data included within the Building Class shapefiles were classified using the Building Classification Matrix (B_class) which can be seen in this PDF.


Download the Shapefiles for the required area using the drop-down menu below

The licensing terms of the Building Classes are the same as the Cities Revealed licensing agreement.

Further Information

  • Each download is compressed and varies in size.
  • For the downloaded .tar.gz file, first decompress to produce .tar file then unzip the .tar file to produce Shapefiles and any associated files.
  • This download was created to provide fast access to this data. At some stage this download facility will be moved to Landmap Kaia.