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This area provides links to all of the Landmap data archive split into the collections: Optical & Thermal, Radar, Elevation, Feature and UKMap. To download data you must provide your institutions central authentication details and be a registered user of the service.


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Optical & Thermal Collection

Use Landmap optical & thermal data products to map vegetation cover, land use and coastal sediment patterns. Data can be used within the latest image processing packages. The optical data archive consists of orthorectified Landsat 4/5, Landsat 7 and SPOT imagery; NIR Red-Edge; AVNIR-2; Mediterranean Landsat; Colour Infrared; TopSat; DMC; Modern and Historic Aerial Photography; Thermal imagery for the main conurbations of the UK.


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Radar Collection

The Radar Collection provides regular imagery updates to monitor an area without the worry of cloud cover due to the use of an active sensor. The Radar Collection consists of ERS 1, ERS 2, ENVISAT ASAR (Image Mode, Alternating Polarisation, Wide Swath). The radar data are updated on a biannual basis.


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Elevation Collection

Elevation data available are an orthorectified version of the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) for the UK, 25m Digital Elevation Model (DEM) for the whole of the British Isles derived from interferometric techniques using the ERS 1 and ERS 2 datasets. A Kinematic Global Positioning Survey (KGPS) is also available for the UK. New LiDAR data for many urban conurbations in the UK and a 5m Bluesky Digital Terrain Model (DTM) for England and Wales are now available for download through Landmap Kaia and Building Heights feature data.


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Feature Collection

The Feature Collection provides Building Heights; Building Class (place name); Building Class (100km x 100km tiles) and Building Blocks data for the main conurbations of the UK. The data is in shapefile format so it can be easily integrated into a GIS or Image Processing package.


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UKMap Collection

The UKMap Collection is a modern, highly detailed mapping database that contains 7 integrated data layers within a single product. UKMap is at 1:1,000 topographic scale covering the whole of London.