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Meet the Team

The Landmap team is based at Mimas, University of Manchester.

Kamie Kitmitto
Landmap Manager

Kamie is responsible for the day-to-day running and management of the Landmap Service and has worked for Mimas for 23 years. Key responsibilities include: strategic approach of the service; knowledge gathering at outreach activities;negotiation of data licensing agreements and the purchase of datasets. He is also the Principal Investigator of European Space Agency (ESA) Category 1 Project 'Monitoring the UK with ASAR & MERIS. Kamie also runs many of the Landmap Roadshows across the UK teaching our users how to download data through Landmap Kaia.


Gail Millin-Chalabi
Geodata Research & Development Officer

Gail has been working for Landmap since 2005 developing:data clients using both open source and proprietary software; data management implementing Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) standards; metadata and coordinating the development of e-learning content. Previous projects include the JISC funded Interoperability Project, Grid Enabling Mimas II Project and GeoKnowledge Project. She is also the Co-Investigator of ESA Category 1 Project 'Monitoring the UK with ASAR & MERIS'. Gail uses the ERDAS APOLLO Data Manager for configuring and delivering the satellite, airborne and feature data hosted at Mimas through Landmap Kaia. She is also involved in the development of the Learning Zone and writes bids, conference papers and reports for the service. Currently she is Project Manager for the OER Rapid Innovations Project - Breaking Down Barriers.

Yin Tun
Geo-Metadata Officer

Yin Tun has worked on the JISC funded Metadata Enhancements Project. Her role is to convert FGDC standard metadata to the ISO standard and to further enhance the metadata by liasing with data providers such as ESA, The GeoInformation Group and Bluesky. Previous to this role Yin worked on the Landmap Learning Zone adding content for the Object Oriented Classification course. Yin also assists with outreach activities when required. Yin works on quality assurance of Landmap website content.


James Schumm
Software Development Engineer

James has been at Landmap since 2007. Previous to this role James worked for ESDS International. One of his tasks is the installation and configuration of ERDAS APOLLO/Landmap Kaia. James also works on the maintenance of the database for the Landmap website and is involved in the development of the user and institutional registration process. James provides any other technical support required by the team such as the creation of web forms, permissions and programming knowledge/expertise.